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After a lovely lunch, our E-Club members assembled to hear from ‘Helping Hands Project’ supported Sally Charlton. We who live in developed countries often wish for more than we need and it’s easy to forget the plight of those across the globe who only wish for the things that we take for granted.

It’s a shame, but the issue of landmines appears to have dropped out of the news in recent years. Before getting involved in the Helping Hands project I was one of those people that assumed the problem had gone away or at least lessened. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. With over 100 million active landmines in around 60 different countries, there are about 2,000 landmine accidents every month (that’s one accident every 20 minutes).
Most of the places where landmines cause such awful problems unfortunately do not have good health systems and getting assistance can be very difficult or impossible.
The E-Club’s donation covered the cost of two prosthetic hands, so we were divided into two groups to assemble each of the hand kits.

          E-Club Members  Team 1  (the Winning Team)                                   E-Club Members  Team 2

Following a printed guide, each team began to assemble a prosthetic hand and after a short time team rivalry was very apparent as we started to compete which team was the ‘brightest in reading’ the guidelines and performing the next task. (I am pleased that team 1 ‘Led by a Hand’, assembling a completed hand and creating the artistic message on both ‘Kit Cases’ that would be given to the amputees of each hand.


Both of our ‘completed hands’ will be sent to Cambodia with the next RAWCS Helping Hands Team for fitting to an amputee.
Whilst there was some team rivalry we as a Club are very pleased we have given a deserving amputee a better life in the ability of performing simple day to day chores which could not be achieved without this special ‘Helping Hand’.

   The immediate joy of receiving an LN-4 prosthetic hand