E-Club Meeting Details

The Rotary E-Club of Greater South Oz holds its club meetings on the first and third Wednesdays at 7pm Central Standard Time [South Australia]  (UTC/GMT + 9.5 hours).

Our E-Club meetings are open to everyone, including members of the public who want to find out more about our club and Rotarians from other Rotary clubs who wish to do a make-up.

Non-members wishing to attend our meetings are requested to email   graham@rotaryeclub.org.au

We will then acknowledge your email and confirm details of "internet venue" and guest speaker information, and Email you the link with the Meeting ID.
                          EMAIL LINK EXAMPLE
Our meetings are held with an internet meeting program   ,  but are sometimes held in person in Adelaide, Australia.

To join meetings held by   simply:

Click on the EMAIL LINK from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone -   "global.gotomeeting.com/meeting/join/123-xxx-xxx"  and enter the Meeting ID: 123-xxx-xxx

Or call us on 0412 694 461  or email us on admin@rotaryeclub.org.au