The Rotary E-Club of Greater South Oz was transformed 
from The Rotary Club of Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island located just of the coast of South Australia, is one of the most picturesque parts of Australia, and a world renowned tourist location.
The Kangaroo Island Rotary Club established in May 1979 by a small committed group of Rotarians made the decision to spread its wings to include other Rotarians from District 9500 and beyond to the world to create a strong network of Rotarians to serve the local and global community.
Rotary District 9500 is geographically diverse to include remote areas stretching from Kangaroo Island to Alice Springs, and from Port Lincoln to Roxby District.
Members of the Rotary E-Club of Greater South Oz will communicate with each other through electronic channels, computers and other devices, to collaborate with the e-club group. Members may from time to time visit Kangaroo Island, perhaps to continue the current commitment to projects there and to meet each other face to face.

Rotary, as an International humanitarian organization enables Rotary Clubs to collaborate and create sustainable projects in any part of the world.
Our energies will be on a variety of different projects and activities as decided by the members, while developing a strategic international network links with people interested in making a real difference in global community service.
Regardless of where you live in the world, if you are interested in getting to know new people and in serving your community, please contact us, so we can discuss and develop some ideas.
If you are already a Rotarian, but your lifestyle makes it difficult for you to attend a traditional Rotary meeting, the Rotary E-Club of Greater South Oz may be of interest to you.
Whatever the reason, please consider joining us as we continue our Rotary journey.